"I was a little nervous going into the workshop because I'm not very artistic. Once I got there, I felt immediately at ease. Christie took the pressure off of being perfect and just encouraged us to have fun. I wasn't perfect and I even spilled my ink all over the table at one point but I feel like I learned a lot and had fun in the process. And being able to take the tools home with us was great. I'm much more likely to practice at home since I already have them and don't have to go out and purchase them. I would definitely be interested in taking another class in the future!" - Anna, Philadelphia

"The beginner's Modern Calligraphy workshop was so much fun and has awoken a creative side in me that has been dormant for years! Christie gave us the perfect amount of information and basics to start off and I came away from the session feeling so pleased and inspired. I cannot wait to practice and hopefully attend an Advanced class in the near future." -Bronwen: Hartford, CT

"My husband and I had a such a great time at your beginner workshop! It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary and we are having so much fun practicing our new skill. I love how relaxing it is dipping your pen into the ink, creating the letterforms and words in such an artist way. Thank you!" -Elaine & Matthew: Syracuse, NY

"The workshop met my expectations! It was great to be able to meet other women with a similar interest and to know that we were all on the same beginner level. All of the explanations about the tools and how to write the letters was very helpful. Learning something new like calligraphy is overwhelming but the way everything was presented didn't feel that way. Come back and teach again!!" -Kristin: Philadelphia, PA

"Taking this class was an absolute delight. Not only was I able to learn an amazing skill (that I might actually be good at) but I was also able to enjoy the company of the best teacher out there. Christie has an amazing personality that will make everyone feel welcome as you learn all the basics." - Alexa: Hartford, CT

"Christie is a wonderful teacher! Very positive and gives clear direction. I used to be very intimidated by calligraphy and she set it up wonderfully that made it easy to understand and learn. Can't wait for the advanced class in the spring!!!" -Jordan: Hartford, CT

"Christie makes calligraphy approachable and enjoyable for people of all backgrounds, not just artists or graphic designers. I signed up for the class with the intentions of doing calligraphy for various projects related to my wedding and now I feel as though it has become my newest hobby! Christie's class is reasonable, was held in the beautiful Hartford Prints shop and included a starter kit. She provided us with tools and resources that are necessary for beginner calligraphers. I can't wait to sign up for the advanced class!" -Angela: Hartford, CT

"Christie is an excellent teacher...making it interesting...and her enthusiasm poured from her." -Sunny, Hartford

"Be curious." that is my mantra and when I stumbled upon a post on Instagram announcing that there would be a Beginners Calligraphy workshop held near me that was my cue to sign up. Taking a calligraphy workshop for the first time ever was a great decision, especially when it was taught by Christie! Such a warm, welcoming and well developed workshop with a lovely instructor who brought it all. Everything was included, from snacks to keep your hunger down to explanations, pens, ink, and guidance through out the class. All you had to do was show up and give it your best. I walked away with a new skill, amateur calligrapher, and I will continue practicing!" - Alyona: Hartford, CT

"This class was so wonderful! Christie is a great teacher and I feel confident in practicing my calligraphy at home now. She really goes into detail and explains things so someone with zero knowledge of calligraphy can leave the class feeling great. Thanks so much Christie!" -Samantha: Hartford CT

"I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner's calligraphy class with Christie. She was personable and friendly and truly helped make it a great experience. I felt that it was the perfect balance of explanation and hands-on work. I look forward to practicing and signing up for the advanced class the next time she's in Hartford!" -Lauren: Hartford, CT

"Modern Calligraphy Workshop was creative, peaceful and inspiring. Christie clearly is passionate about her work, offers personal advice and plans a hands on, wonderful workshop. I loved all the gifts we got so that we can practice our skills beyond the workshop. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a creative outlet." - Marta: Hartford, CT

"The workshop I took was really excellent and perfect for anyone knew to calligraphy. Christie has a way of guiding you while you practice but also letting you do your thing and explore the art of calligraphy with your own style. She made everything really easy for us so we could focus on the fun of learning and our creativity. The attention to detail of the materials provided and ambiance of the space were well appreciated and refreshing as it's not very often I come across an experience were everything seems so well thought out! I would definitely recommend this anyone looking to spark up their creativity and are looking to spend an afternoon having fun!" - Nikki: Long Island, NY

"Christie's workshop is the perfect introduction to calligraphy. I had a lot of fine and I definitely recommend it." -Lorna: Long Island, NY

"Christie was delightful and very patient in the Beginner class. She has a fun sense of humor and made us feel at ease. I look forward to taking the next level." -Sonja: Syracuse, NY

"Christie's workshop was full of inspiration and knowledge! I left the class and immediately wanted to continue practicing. Her instruction and way of embracing individual style made for a great environment." - Brittany: Syracuse, NY

"This was a great class! I learned a lot in a short amount of time.Christie is a really good teacher and makes you feel very comfortable I can't wait to take the next class!" -Jeanette: Long Island, NY

"Anyone looking to learn calligraphy should absolutely take Christie's beginner calligraphy class! It was exactly what I was looking for! The class is fun, laid-back and very educational in a great atmosphere with delicious local treats. Christie does a phenomenal job of setting her students up for success with personalized attention and individual calligraphy sets. Great way to spend a Sunday!" -Megan: Long Island, NY

"I had such a fun time learning calligraphy with Christie, she made it super easy to learn the basics and gave us a bunch of great resources to continue practicing at home! Highly recommend her class and I will definitely be taking her advanced workshop!" -Kirby: Long Island, NY

"I took the beginners workshop and it was more than I hoped. Christie is adorable, funny and endearing in a way that make you want to giggle and hug her at the same time. She was patient and incredibly thorough in her teaching and made herself so relatable by sharing some of her learning experiences in the past. She made everyone feel welcome and even spent one-on-one time with each of us as the class went on. Her love for calligraphy is palpable and it's almost impossible not to get excited with her. I can't wait to take the advanced class with her." - Angela: Long Island, NY

"Wonderful class! Laid back yet very informative and super fun. I had never tried calligraphy before but now I am loving it. Thank you!" -Annie: Syracuse, NY