Write Your Own Story

I mentioned last week that I will be switching things up when it comes to my happiness project goals. I  received a bunch of positive feedback which really helped me get psyched about rewriting some of my goals. You see, we grow, change, and learn. As we do this [as people & bloggers!] sometimes our focus shifts. I'm embracing this shift. My month of risk taking is coming to an end. This week I announced the end of an on-going, amazing collaborative series with hopes to carve out some serious bedsidesign time...which honestly scares me! I learned the power of saying no to certain projects, and yes to others [lots of exciting things in the works!]. I zeroed in on some of my major passions and began creating the time, space, and energy to focus on these things. All in all I think it was a pretty productive month!


[image by bedsidesign]

When I revisited the next three month's goals I quickly noticed how they didn't really grab my attention. I don't to add any more collaborative series, I want to re-adjust the focus of creating a media kit, and adding a staging/styling series well...I'll touch on that soon!

Whether you are a blogger, a creative, or someone who is on a life journey [yes I realize that is super broad] make sure that the story you are telling is one that you would want to follow. I don't mean exaggerating the truths - although I'll have to share with you all someday how for 10 years I thought I experienced a shark attack, and I digress. What I mean to say is if the life you are living doesn't put a smile on your face from time to time maybe you need to re-write your story. Make it a colorful one!

And so, here are my next three months:

April = get creative training

May = get personal

June = get legit

Have you ever felt the need to re-write where you are currently at?