Why You Should Check Your Blog Stats

Over the year + of blogging I've always heard various opinions about checking your blog stats. I try not to let stats discourage me and I truly blog from the ole h-e-a-r-t on a weekly basis so stats certainly do not drive me. I'd be lying if I said a high peak day doesn't put a smile on my face - or when I exceed my "normal" amount of pageviews I feel excited. What I'm saying is stats are just that - they do not measure things like comments, retweets, emails and the like. No number can dictate how much joy I have when I connect with a reader or brainstorm for future collaborations. I'd like to tell you a little story about how I accidentally checked up on my stats and go really, REALLY pumped. You see it goes a little something like this. I came home from work yesterday and started my usual routine of checking emails, responding to tweets and liking instagram pics. I logged into my blog and noticed my normal view of stats was hidden so I clicked [maybe one too many times...who knows] and wound up on a summary. Now, if you want a good laugh check your blog stats sometime. For example here are some searches that bring people to bedsidesign: "sea otter shower curtain" <---I wish, "easy gypsy tattoos" or this one "doppelgängers de batman."

Back to the story. I noticed the usual places that were pulling in traffic - the social media outlets - but then something caught my eye...Apartment Therapy. For those of you who don't know this about bedsidesign in the beginning I was EXTREMELY inspired by Apartment Therapy to create my blog. I still do reference it often for DIY projects, apartment tricks, and minimalist style. That's why I did a double take. I'm certain at some point I have linked to them but this was showing that they linked to me. The blog post was titled, "Best Home Design & Inspiration Blog."

best design blogs apartment therapy

I checked the post and all the way at the bottom there I was. I had no idea that this was even going on. People could nominate blogs for this category and vote on them. The voting is over and the blogs were selected, I was not one of the winners but I still had a "Holy *&$%" moment. I know it's silly to be so excited about but to even be on the list is an honor. Plus people are finding my blog!

I know this is a little big off topic for my February month but I think it's important to remember why I'm even doing this happiness project. Seeing my blog on a list with other seriously amazing blogs made me really stop and reflect on how flipping awesome this whole blogging saga is. Here's to being bumped up & aware for 2014!

The moral of the story? Check those stats sometime - don't be a slave to them but definitely check up from time to time.

How often do you check your stats?

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P.S. This is a Happiness linkup. Be inspired by the other amazing bloggers and please check their blogs out & join the fun! You can join the conversation on twitter by using the hash-tag #behappylinkup