Where Love Started: The Proposal

I'm picking up on where I left off with on our love story yesterday. I never even considered trying out long distance dating. We started taking turns driving the 5+ hours back and forth to see each other. Other than the distance our relationship was so easy. I'm not saying that all relationships are easy but the beginning was bliss. We just clicked.

That's not to say that we didn't experience hard times. Actually about a month into our relationship I became really ill. I try to keep this part of my life on the DL because I am still struggling with it, but it's an intricate part of our story. Long story short I was hospitalized when I developed a migraine. For those who suffer from migraines I feel your pain. My first migraine lasted 2 months. Yes, two months. From spinal taps to MRIs I was tested for anything and everything. Nothing broke it. I had to take a leave from work and school. I couldn't drive. I was stuck.

My parents did everything they could to help but I still needed to be taken care of. They asked Ian to come stay with us for the summer since my condition wasn't improving. Our families are pretty conservative when it comes to living with boyfriends/girlfriends so this was a total shock to me. He actually moved for me. I remember feeling so awful: here is this amazing guy that I'm in love with and he has to see me like this. Let's just say it wasn't one of my high points. He graciously drove me to all of my appointments while researching alternate medicine options.

Ian's birthday is June 11 and it was approaching fast. I bought tickets for his favorite band [Thrice] for the following week - not knowing if I would even be up to attend it. I planned a surprise day of visiting IKEA [it would be his first time] and eating all kinds of amazing food. We both got a little dressed up and ventured out to hit up all the spots I planned. We spent the day planning out our "home decor" and re-enacting the IKEA scene from 500 Days of Summer. We stopped and got pizza at one of our favorite spots - writing this makes me crave some of that amazing stuff. Ian asked if we could take a trip down to the docks after dinner. We frequently did this since it was a gorgeous place and where we shared our first kiss [awwww]. I didn't really feel up for it but I figured if he really wanted to I could make the exception.

the proposal

[All photos from June 11, 2010]

I pulled into the docks and parked the car. I cracked the windows and popped my seatbelt off. Ian stared at me and I realized he actually wanted to go for a walk. I mustered up some energy and stepped out. The air was cool and I immediately wished I brought a jacket. Ian was shuffling around in the car and when he appeared I saw his brand new camera in his hands. He tucked it away in his vest pocket and we strolled around the docks. We chit-chatted about who knows what now and eventually made it to a spot with a light and bench. The sun had already set and Ian said he wanted to test out his new camera in the dark. He looked at me and said, "I'm gonna take a picture of you."

I made myself comfortable on the bench and fixed my wild hair. When I looked up he was on one knee pulling out what I thought was his camera. I didn't think anything of it until he started talking and I realized he didn't have his camera. A lot of "are you serious?! Oh my gosh?! Really?!" later, he kept saying, "Well do you see a diamond?" He even checked to make sure the ring was in the box. I was beyond surprised and finally realized I needed to answer his question. Of course I replied, "Yes!" and he put the ring on my finger. Little did he know I told him I wore a 1/2 size smaller because it was before I got sick and I figured by the time he proposed I would be thinner [girls, be careful doing this!]. I was thrilled that it fit PERFECTLY. We spent some time basking in this new life development and finally I blurted, "Does anyone know about this?!" He told me my family knew and was waiting home.

He had to drive us back because I was a bit distracted by the blind on my finger. We celebrated that night with my family and began to plan the next phase of our lives together.

So if you are doing the math - yes, we only dated for THREE MONTHS before we got engaged! You think that's crazy - you should see how long we waited to get married!

Tune in tomorrow for our WEDDING - and it will be our 2 year anniversary!

P.S. If you are wondering if we were able to make it to the Thrice concert we did and had an amazing time. My migraine also broke for the first time a week after we got engaged due to Ian finding an herbal remedy. Isn't he a keeper?!