Where Love Started: How We Met

I'm really excited about this week. Why you ask? Wednesday is our 2 year wedding anniversary! I am amazed and excited to continue this journey with Ian. In honor of this week, every day of this week I'm going to share some of our story with you. Today I'm going to tell the ridiculous story of how we met. youngins

[Photo taken on Fire Island, NY summer of 2010]

Let's go back in time to the winter of 2008: I am a single-and-proud-of-it woman who has zero time for dating [hello defensive mechanism]. It was December and I took a road-trip with two of my friends [one was dating my younger brother and wound up marrying him this year] to Binghamton. We were visiting one of my best [guy] friend, Chris at college. We drove the 5+ hours and arrived "upstate". The college was hosting a community event so we figured we'd check it out. Standing in the gymnasium my future sister-in-law whispered in my ear, "I just found your husband." No joke, I promise these were the words she said. I turned and there was a striking young chap in full on grandpa attire. His thick, black plastic glasses didn't distract me from his piercing blue eyes. We were introduced by Chris and I found out this "husband's" name was Ian. I tried to downplay my awkwardness and didn't say much. The rest of the night was pretty low-key and I didn't bring up the fact that I thought he was good looking. Remember, I was perfectly fine on my own.

A few months later this Ian fella became my friends roommate. I heard the most ridiculous stories, inside jokes, and crushes that this dude Ian had. Every conversation with Chris ended in, "He's perfect for you Christie. You just gotta date him." I previously dated one of Chris' friends and it ended really bad. I didn't want to go down that path again so I ignored all of his suggestions. For over a year he persisted, trying to get me to hang with Ian. We got into a huge fight that summer because Ian was visiting and Chris was pressuring me to hang out. I refused and stood them up. I didn't want it to be like that. I didn't want to pursue anything. I didn't want to make a relationship happen.

In the beginning of 2010, Chris began dating one of my friends from grade school. He also called me with "bad news" that Ian was moving out. I listened to all the details and for some reason did a little Facebook stalking on the side. Seeing that Ian was a year younger than me really made things worse. I had 2 dating rules: Don't ever date anyone younger than you. Don't ever move upstate.

I guess Chris finally realized that he was talking to a brick wall. He decided to tell Ian about me. I remember coming home from college and doing some homework all while multi-tasking with a little social media. I could not believe that Ian tried adding me as a friend on Facebook. I grabbed my phone and called Chris immediately. He laughed at my stupidity as I rambled things like "I don't even know what my profile picture is right now! What are my interests? Oh gosh, there are videos of me on there Chris - why didn't you warn me!" I knew I had to accept since I was making such a big deal out of things. I clicked accept and the butterflies began...so so lame.

I knew I had to keep my sh*t together but I pretty much lost it when Ian began FB chatting with me. What would I say, why does he want to talk to me - a million questions floated around in my head. We began a conversation and I started to relax. We chatted for hours. Mid-conversation I proposed the idea to pull a prank on Chris - a true test of Ian's sense of humor. Ian agreed and we created a masterpiece of an awkward lie. We pretended like we hated each other. I claimed Ian was rude [furthest thing from the truth] and he said I got an attitude and wouldn't talk to him [a little more realistic]. Chris was shocked and couldn't figure out what happened. He apologized over and over again while Ian and I were cracking up at our insanity. We finally broke the news to him that it was all a joke because he started to dish out our little secrets like "He thinks your really pretty..." "She told me she likes your glasses..." etc. Once he realized it was all part of a joke he stated, "See, I told you two you were perfect."

Ian asked for my number that night and I happily gave it to him. The first text rolled in the next day and we started up right where we left off. Little did I know my guard was slowly falling down. That weekend Chris had to come home to Long Island and Ian tagged along. We spent the weekend getting to know each other and when they left Ian was my boyfriend. He even got down on one knee to ask me to be his girlfriend. It all happened so fast but I was extremely happy.

Tune in tomorrow for our proposal.