What's by your bedside?

Bedsidesign stands for bedside + design. I truly believe that inspiration is all around us, however my inspiration usually comes to me right before (or as) my head hits my pillow. For years I have kept a small notebook by the side of my bed.  If I wake up in the middle of the night I jot down whatever came to mind. You can find out a lot about a person by what they keep by the side of their bed. It can be cluttered, neglected, or super organized with all the essentials. Not sure what to keep close? Think - the basics. A lamp, alarm clock or docking station, a couple books, a notepad and pen (a must if you ask me!), candle, a place for personal items like jewelry or chapstick, and a picture or decorative accent. What do you have on your nightstand? I would love to know, or if you would like to be featured in this series bedside manners just feel free to contact me.

Today I would like to reveal the bedside tables in our bedroom.


Hers: and yes, that is a fake door.

Both of our tables and lights are from Ikea. Our wedding vows are featured in white frames (that we purchased from goodwill for $0.99 each and spray painted white). The fonts featured are our two favorite fonts: Chunk 5 and Lobster Two.

I have a scented candle, chapstick, a few great books, and of course a notebook and pen.

Ian (my wonderful husband) has various magazines and books, the remote control for a fan, his trusty watch, an alarm clock, and also a notebook and pen.

So now that I shared mine, what's by your bedside?