Vintage Finds and Clearance Steals!

My sister-in-law flew into Syracuse on Friday. I was thrilled because I knew she would be my weekend shopping buddy. We shopped around and here's what I found for just about $20 out-of-pocket.A roundup of items purchased by Christie Jones over the weekend in July First stop was Urban Outfitters in Armory Square. The 4th floor is my favorite because all the apartment stuff is up there. I found this super awesome print on clearance for $9.99. When I got to the register it turned out to $7 and change! Sold to the girl with a grin from ear to ear.

This is a print from Urban Outfitters that I purchased on clearance.

Our next stop was Craft Chemistry - this is a shop I've been meaning to go to for weeks. Located on N. Salina Street this store is absolutely adorable. From the vintage furniture to the local art displayed this is my favorite new shop. I found this sweet typographic print of the neighborhoods in Syracuse [I live in the Eastwood area - top right]. The print was only $10!

Typographic print of Syracuse purchased at Craft Chemistry

As I was looking around my eyes wandered to these vintage earrings. For only $2 they were a total steal. I love the gold and soft pink color combination. All in all I spent $12.96 with tax at Craft Chemistry. If you live in Syracuse this is a place I highly recommend checking out.

This set of gold and shell vintage earrings from Craft Chemistry.

Okay so this last item I didn't have to pay for since I possessed a Pottery Barn gift card. I needed a decorative accent for one of my bookshelves and I really wanted a white object [pictures soon]. This hourglass looked so sophisticated that I could not say no. It was on clearance for $15.99 so I still got a bargain.

Hourglass from Pottery Barn

Lastly I want to share with you one of the birthday presents I received from my best friend. She knows me so well [and that my dream is to be a housewife wearing pearls, high heels and serving lemonade in the afternoon - I know that sounds sexist but don't hate me, this would be exercising my own free will]. Well I have a pearl necklace and a couple of pairs of high heels so what did I need? A vintage pitcher with a set of 4 matching glasses. I am totally in love with it! What do you think?

This vintage glassware set is owned by Christie Jones.

Do you have any recent vintage or clearance purchases?