vintage barware

I'm a huge fan of vintage and thrifted finds. I'd prefer to hunt out specific items vs. purchasing a pristine set from a store. Over the years I've figured out what my style is when it comes to vintage. I love mid century style. I love barware. Over the past few months I've started stocking a bar, and sourcing vintage barware - glasses and decanters to add some personality. Thrifting is something I can do on my own - it calms me. But, I also love picking through items with Ian or a friend. Recently I teamed up with Sara from Beautifully Contained for a yard sale / thifting hang out. Boy did we score. This is just half of the loot that I found.

mid century vintage barware

A set of 8 tall vintage glasses with the cutest patterning (and gold accents!) all in a distressed metal caddy for $5. Yes - you read that right. The caddy needs a little TLC since it sat in a couple's garage - nothing a wire brush and some spray paint can't fix.

The next golden find was the duo decanter set. It came with the holder, and reversible tags - gin, scotch, rye, and whiskey! Again, this sucker was only five smack-a-roos! I waltzed out feeling like a queen.

Do you go thrifting? If you do - do you shop with a list or wing it?