Typography, Tattoo, Taboo?

I've always loved tattoos. My dad has an anchor on his bicep and I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking it was the greatest thing. Naturally, I scheduled my first tattoo appointment on my eighteenth birthday. My parents were less than thrilled, but thankful that I chose a place that I could cover (my hips). Eventually I made the choice to tattoo my arms (not a hit with the grandparents - love you guys!). The questions really began to roll in when planning our wedding. "Are you going to wear gloves?" "You should find that make-up coverup, I'll buy it." "Wait, you are wearing a strapless dress...what about your arm?" Since we were having a nautical themed wedding, and I had an anchor tattoo of my own I thought it was perfectly fitting.

wedding dress with tattoos

I pushed the envelope a little further though this year. After our anniversary I mixed my love for my husband and typography and got this bad boy. Resurrected Tattoo is now our go-to tattoo shop here in Syracuse (responsible for the tattoo in the photo below). It is by far the nicest shop I've ever been too and has an awesome staff.

typography tattoo

Even though tattoos are way more acceptable than they used to be, now there's a new taboo...not having one. While chatting with a friend of mine who does not have a tattoo (her husband does) she expressed that people ask her all the time. The reactions she receives when she says no are similar to the expressions and opinions against tattoos long ago. Just because something is more accessible and accepted doesn't automatically mean it's odd to not participate. Oddly enough this topic was just blogged about on a blog (Keiko Lynn) that I follow (I swear I'm going to write a whole post on strange connections).

What are your thoughts on tattoos? Would you get them in a visible area? Do you have any?