Type Takeover: In the home

In this day and age typography is no longer confined to printing presses. Type intertwines with our daily lives. We are now at a point where type is showing up in fashion, storefronts, and my favorite - home decor. Today I'm sharing some super affordable accessories to add some personality and style to your space...just make sure you keep the proper kerning so you don't add too much clutter...see what I did there? type-home-decor

one: If you love whimsical things these dessert plates are adorable and will leave you saying, yum.

two: A great item for a realist who is okay spelling things out but doesn't want to draw too much attention - everyone needs a salt and pepper shaker.

three: For the hipster. Plain and simple.

four: If you are a color lover this pillow is just for you!

five: Classic, monogrammed mugs. I'm a huge fan of these bad boys.

Do you like to incorporate things with typography in your home?

P.S. Type Takeover is a collaborative series with my type-obsessed friend, Sugar & Type!