Type Takeover: House Industries

Happy Friday bedsidesigners! Last week we looked at font families. Keeping with that theme I'd like to share one of my resources...House Industries. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven't. If you have you know how their website can be like a black hole [in a good way] for inspiration. If you haven't be very careful - I suggest visiting their website when you have some free time. A couple months ago I signed up for a free house font & booklet. Ian sent me a text the day it came in the mail because the envelope alone was awesome. It totally slipped my mind that I requested it so when I came home I was pleasantly surprised. Page by page I fell in love with the layout and how much I could clearly see the difference between the various weights. house-industries-booklet

[photos by bedsidesign]

I'm definitely hanging onto this booklet because it's a great resource to turn to when I'm looking for some info and descriptions. What are your go-to typographic resources? Let me know in the comments!

typography lovers dishing their secrets

P.S. Type Takeover is a collaborative series with my type-obsessed friend, Sugar & Type!