Type 101 - For Bloggers/Designer Wannabes

Friends, make no mistake - I am not a "trained" designer. I just flippin' love things that are designed well. If you are a blogger I encourage you to get to know some things about type. Today I'm making it super easy for you to - go check out Sugar & Type's intro to type post where she breaks things down in a really great way that anyone can understand (and you designers can appreciate). a series about typefaces for design enthusiasts

Why does "type" matter for bloggers?

1. The overall look of your blog (and brand) will look more put together if you stick with a couple of the same typefaces again and again. When you make your moodboards stick with them again - the more consistent you are with decisions like this the more your "brand" is built.

2. I'm pretty sure designers cringe a little every time someone refers to a font vs. a type. Again - check out Sugar & Type today to learn which one to use!

3. Did you know that some typefaces have a chemistry and some really just look awful together? Getting to know what works and doesn't will help you find the perfect balance.

the typefaces used on the bedsidesign blog

Want to know what I use for my blog?

For the header: lavanderia (strong) | download

content: lucida grande | download

What do you use on yours?