The redesign: Jen Serafini

I'm so excited to put the spotlight on Jen Serafini. I initially tried to redesign my blog on my own. Halfway into it I realized that I could not convey the look that I really wanted. Jen and I were hitting it off and following each other's blog. I created a pinterest board to hold all of my inspiration. I reached out to Jen because her design style was exactly what I was trying to create. I rambled on and on and she was able to decipher all my enthusiasm and ideas. When she emailed me the original mockup I literally did a dance. JACKPOT. I anxiously waited for Ian to get home from work and showed him [I even used jazz-fingers and think I said "ta-DA!"]. He agreed that it was perfect. Jen agreed to a little Q&A session.

How did you pull all the inspiration together to create the new look for bedsidesign? Jen: Christie did a great job of pulling together images that she felt best represented her desired brand personality. After we chatted about exactly what she was looking for, I took what she had and added my own touch to create a mood board. This was a great starting point for me to begin designing, and once I have a great starting point, the ideas just keep coming!

bedsidesign redesign inspiration

What do you think the new look says for bedsidesign? I think the new look does a great job representing the direction Christie wants to take her blog. The logo is bold and powerful while the rest of the page has a fairly minimalistic design. The simplicity really allows for the content to shine and make a big impact. The design is punchy, pretty, colorful and refined - all things that depict the blog personality really well!

Can you explain why these two fonts “work”? The bold script and the softer san-serif font compliment each other really well without competing. When picking fonts, it’s really important to make sure one is more dominant than the other - you don’t want two styles to clash. If everything is the same weight and equally as bold, the eye doesn’t know where to look. Thick with narrow, script with san-serif, bold with understated, etc.

How long have you been designing? I’ve been “designing” ever since I was in elementary school. I say that with quotes because what I thought designing was when I was young was putting photo filters on Justin Timberlake in Photoshop with his lyrics on top! I think I’ve come a long way since then :)

I was definitely one of those people who knew what I wanted to do from an early age. I was always drawn to typography, logos and branding. I built up a collection of magazine cut outs, clothing tags and packaging that inspired me and kept it on display in my room (dork!) I realized this was actually called graphic design when I took the class in high school - from there on out I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life.

jen serafini designed bedsidesign

What design projects are your favorites?  Lately I’ve been working on a lot of digital projects; websites and blog design. Digital used to scare me because it was a foreign medium. However, in the past year I’ve really embraced it and love the challenge it brings! It’s even more fun when I get to build a brand from the ground up; it allows me to really flex all of my creative muscles.

What inspires you? So many things! From online resources to walking around Chicago, to eating at a restaurant with an awesome menu design. I love discovering inspiration in places outside of the internet, it’s a great way to get a new perspective on the world and apply it to design.

You can view all of the sources of my mood board images.

jen serafini graphic designer

Looking to redesign your site? I obviously HIGHLY recommend Jen: / blog / portfolio

And a HUGE thank you to Jen. xo