The Lacquerie Winner!!!

I love starting the week off with a happy announcement! Last week I hosted a giveaway with Stacy from The Lacquerie for an opportunity to win a surprise gift from her shop! The Pinterest boards were submitted and we selected our winner. Drumroll please...

the lacquerie

and the winner is Louise! To be honest Stacy and I were so inspired by all the Pinterest boards that we much so that Stacy would like to extend the surprises to all those who participated! We'll be emailing you all tonight to collect your addresses so something amazing can be sent your way!  Who is this super generous Stacy? Well let's get to know her a little bit more shall we?

What’s your favorite thing to do in your city?

I love San Diego for obvious reasons, but the best part is having all the big city amenities in what feels like a little beach town. Come visit!

Why do you blog?

I blog because it organizes my ideas and inspirations, keeps me creative on the daily and I love how it's connected me to so many amazing people.

Can you share a recent favorite read or find?

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is a perfect summer read - I couldn't put it down... And my iPod is currently playing Tame Impala on repeat.

What is an interest, or something you’re passionate about?

I'd have to say I'm most passionate about the creative process. Art makes the world so much more interesting to me... It might actually be the one thing that's keeping me sane ;)

What is on your bedside table?

My giraffe lamp, whatever book I'm reading, an eye mask and a glass of water.

What are five things you couldn’t live without?

The people I love, color, the ocean, coffee, and Nutella ;)

Thanks again Stacy for being so wonderful, congrats to Louise and to all the other participants! Find out more about Stacy: likestweets‘gramsfavoritesfollows