The HUMP: Part 27: Movin' Mountains

I absolutely love a whimsical collage print. I found Yellow Button Studio while searching through Etsy and totally wanted to feature them on my blog - thankfully they gave me the green light! This is by far my favorite print out of their awesome shop and I recommend taking a look. Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains - yellow button studio

Mountains are on my mind.


  1. A large natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level; a large steep hill.
  2. A region where there are many such features, characterized by remoteness and inaccessibility.

When I launched bedsidesign in January I had a concept and an idea. Even with my focus I was winded easily and struggled with creating content, finding my voice, and the rhythm of consistent blogging. A couple of months ago I really started to have fun with this here blog. I find myself spending more time blogging. I look forward to posting, taking pictures and connecting with my readers and fellow bloggers. This sudden interest rose abruptly – there wasn’t an “aha” moment but things are clicking. I’m enjoying the climb.

It reminds me of a summer I spent in Europe back in 2006. I was in Switzerland with a group of 15 people and “climbing an alp” was scheduled that day. I was terrified. Halfway through the climb I stopped with a friend. Our lungs felt like they were going to explode. I remember muttering words and being embarrassed that I was such a wimp. We pressed on – not even because we wanted to, we just didn’t want to get left behind. By the time we reached the elevation that was deemed “acceptable” we were exhausted. It turns our group was enjoying the refreshing glacial lake and stunning scenery. I remember being so tired [it wasn't just that I was out of shape it was also an extremely stressful trip but that's another story] that I just sat on a rock. I remember being jealous of all the people who effortlessly rose to the top and were able to jump even headfirst into the water.

I've grown up a lot since then and you may remember me saying I'm trying not to take myself so seriously. Sometimes I wish I could bask in the beauty and enjoy the remoteness of that mountain. But, it has also helped me to try to appreciate all the steps that I take. Whether you are a blogger or trying to make changes in your life don't wish away the process, sometimes that's the best part.