The HUMP: Part 26: Free Your Mind

9/11/12: BEFORE: 5:30 pm -Do you ever over think things? I do all the time. I love to research and analyze things [a true nerd trait that I'm totally okay with]. I'm pretty outgoing but when it comes to new things I get really anxious. I'm letting you in on my little secret since I don't want you to think that I am this rock star blogger 24/7.

I decided to write half of this post before my first class and the rest after [it'll specify "after"] it. Right now I'm nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach and it was hard for me to sleep this week because I've gone over every possible scenario. I know that later tonight I will be just fine. Ian will drop me off at class and I will make it to whatever classroom I need to be in. I've studied the supply list and double checked that I have everything I need. My nails are painted, my hair is straightened. I'm even wearing some fancy socks. I will be just fine, and yet my mind won't stop racing.

We just started watching How I Met Your Mother and I totally identify with one of the lead character - Ted. He over thinks, is dramatic, loves to tell stories he's told a million times, and is always wondering what if. In one episode his friends convince him to free his mind and so he gets drunk. Now, I'm not saying I have to get drunk to calm down but basically long story short he winds up totally fine. He has some fun, gets more stories to tell and is okay. I will be okay...going to class now. Eeeek!

Free your mind print by Galaxy Eyes

AFTER: 9:09 pm - I survived. I was 6 minutes late to class because they didn't notify me that the room # changed. I am also the youngest by approximately 30 years give or take. I'm in class with a lovely bunch of ladies redesigning their kitchens, family rooms and basements. I definitely am the odd youngster out - which is not what I was expecting although a couple of friends teased me about it earlier today. I guess that's what happens when you go to an adult education program. Here I go rethinking things all over again. The good part is my nerves have chilled out and now I know what to expect. I'm gonna stay positive and see if the Golden Girls [that's my secret name for them] teach me something.

Don't you just love this print by Galaxy Eyes? Check out more of their stuff on Society 6.