The HUMP: Part 25: Slow Down

Yesterday I made the decision to do something unexpected...what was it? I took a nap. I know that sounds silly but I never nap. I actually asked two of my friends at work how they nap to figure out how I should plan it. You see, I am the type of person that hates missing out on things. As a kid I hated napping because I felt like while I was sleeping something amazing would happen and I wouldn't be able to experience it. This thought has continued in my adult life and so napping was never an option. I didn't get a lot of sleep the other night and I woke up yesterday feeling miserable. I suffer from migraines and am prone to them if I am not well rested [I think my body is just telling me I am getting old]. All day yesterday I knew that I needed to slow down and recharge but everything in me was against it. What about my to-do list? What about blogging? What about all the laundry that needs to be folded and dishes that need to be washed? What about dinner? All these thoughts were racing in my head at work but I knew if I didn't just stop I would regret it. I came home and had about a 2 hour window before I needed to pick up my husband from work. I set an alarm and forced myself to lay down. Guess what happened? I rested. I napped. And it was awesome. Go Relax Stop Poster Print on Society 6

I love this print by Misery on society 6. Sometimes it is okay to slow down.