The HUMP: It's back!

Have you missed the typography focus on the blog lately? I sure have. It is a bit hard finding the balance because I have a million and one things I would love to share with you all. I guess it is a good thing that I'm on an inspired streak huh? Well it is time for me to spill. This week hasn't been the greatest. I'm not going to go into a huge complain-fest because that's not what this is for. If I remember anything from The Happiness Project it is that your mood can affect others, and most importantly yourself. For times like this week when things get real, and the stress keeps you me up at night things like this help:

Jon May's Have Faith typography.

Jon May's Have Faith totally hits the spot for me. No matter what kind of setbacks, potential meltdowns [I must say I originally had "letdowns" and spell check changed this to "meltdowns" I liked it better!] or uncontrolled circumstance you experience having faith during the midst of the crisis is key. Hang in there, I will try to do the same!