The HUMP- getting through mid-week with Wednesday’s Wisdom Part 3

shakespeare typography I love this quote by William Shakespeare, and I thought it was very fitting since it's less than a week away from Valentine's Day! What music do you listen to on romantic dates? I've created some playlists through Pandora and now anytime my husband and I listen to my stations I feel like we should be in the 20s, or 40s, or even 50s with the crooner style and soul (I guess that's what happens when you listen repeatedly to Adele, She & Him, and  Regina Spektor).

Keeping with the trend of Valentine's Day and love - tonight I discovered 6 of the most adorable e-cards on West Elm.

Send an e-card to your own crush- so fun, so cute, and did I mention free?!

west elm ecards

(image by West Elm).