Socialize Your Blog: Meet Instagram

Last week we talked about my 3 tips for using Twitter. This week we are moving on to Instagram. I know there's a lot of people discussing whether or not to stick with this tool or not - I've decided to stick with it. Since this month I'm focusing on my social media outlets. instagram pictures

I use instagram to add more personality to the bedsidesign brand. By showcasing some of my fashion options, decor ideas, and projects that I'm working on - like building on our gallery walls, and decorating our apartment - instagram helps me invite others in.

Instagram is also a great way to get others [especially non-bloggers] engage. By creating a hashtag for instagram, Sandra from the Raincoast Cottage and I are hosting a photography series - join us at: #foliophoto 

One thing that I decided to do is use the same filter for my photos [the above series is the only exception]. I find that using 1 or a few filters keeps your photos looking consistent. I was able to put four very different photos together [see images above] and have them mesh well since the size and colors all are set to the same filter. I find this filter works best for my brand and the photos that I take. If you do weekly roundups of your photos choosing the same filter will make everything cohesive. There's nothing wrong with using multiple filters - I just find that this works best for me.

Do you use instagram? What are your favorite things about it?

And if you aren't following make sure you stay up-to-date with all of my instant photo skills! be happiness linkup P.S. This is a Happiness linkup. Be inspired by the other amazing bloggers and please check their blogs out & join the fun! You can join the conversation on twitter by using the hash-tag #behappylinkup