Social Media Reflections

If I sound like a broken record at the end of each month I'm sorry! It's just - I feel like time speeds up each month and I can't believe it's almost February! As January comes to a close I'm reviewing my progress with my task of amping up the social media outlets of bedsidesign. blogging your heart out

Here's what I learned:

1. I'm still a bigger pinterest/twitter/instagram fan. I like facebook too, but I'm a bigger fan of the interaction with the other outlets.

2. 80/20 rule: I'm trying to find a balance in content outside of my .com where I share 80% related to bedsidesign and 20% of the life of Christie Jones. I'm no where near that perfect balance but I'm working on it.

3. Blog growth is connected with effective use of social media. I'm sure you can have one without the other, but I don't want to.

4. It may sound silly but favorites, retweets, repins, likes - they all do make me a little happier. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

5. Blogging and drinking wine is COMPLETELY acceptable - especially by the blogging community.

What do you love about social media?

Oh and if instagram, pinterest, twitter, and facebook aren't enough I just signed up for vine!

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