Risking It

March is my "Take Risks" month for my Happiness Project. I honestly wanted to avoid this month since risks can be a bit scary, and uncomfortable. Stepping into the unknown, striking up the motivation to push through, and asking awkward questions are not on the forefront of my mind on an everyday basis. But, I am working towards tackling these thoughts and goals this month. When it all comes down to it the real questions are, "Do I think bedsidesign is worth it? Am I worth it?" If the answer is yes I have to take the jump. Being complacent isn't something I am comfortable with. I need growth. I crave knowledge. I need to also be realistic. Finding the balance in all of this is key. Adding more to my plate and saying yes to everything that crosses my path isn't taking risks in my opinion. What I want is to push myself to say no in some situations, and yes to others I would normally push away because I'm "too busy, not qualified, not sure" the list goes on and on.


[photo by Ian Jones, text by bedsidesign]

Over the next month I hope to get rid of those excuses and learn to take those leaps. Here are some of the things I worked on this week:

Tuesday I hosted my first ever blog linkup. If you love photography this one is totally for you!

I signed up for the 21-day meditation challenge. This will be my first time practicing meditation...I'm super excited.

As a fun way to engage with this month's goal I'm also taking some risks off the blog.

I said yes to go on my first ever business trip at my job...next weekend...ah!

This one may sound silly but...I missed the whole Harry Potter craze. I've never read the books. I haven't seen the movies. Some of you may think I'm insane. The thing is, I'm deathly afraid of snakes. Typing that word even makes me nervous...legit phobia friends. As soon as I heard there were those pesky things involved in the series I crossed it off my list. Yes I'm 25 and I have no Harry Potter context whatsoever. My husband has asked time and time again for me to just try 1 movie and I always turn him down. Well, not this month! I suggested that we try it out. On Monday I watched the first movie. I survived. Tuesday night we watched the second movie. I'm still alive. I didn't enjoy the scenes with those ungodly things, but I did watch a majority of the movie.

What are you working on this month?


P.S. I am participating in the Happiness linkup. Be inspired by the other amazing bloggers and please check their blogs out & join the fun!