Putting the things away.

It's always hard saying goodbye to the holiday decorations scattered throughout the house. When I was a kid I wished we could keep up our Christmas lights and tree all winter. There's something beautiful about Christmas lights and snow. This week we packed up all of our Christmas decor. This year I put everything into 1 box vs. scattered throughout other boxes. We compromised and left the lights on our banister since you can see better at night. It also adds a nice glow in the hallway. I was totally at peace with packing everything away this year - why? I started decorating the first week of November. You may think that's crazy, but let me explain first...I'm not neurotic. We hosted a joint Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with all of our family on Thanksgiving. We wanted the house to feel festive. However, 2+ months of Christmas decor is enough for me!

How long do you normally keep your tree and decorations up?