Prints + Patterns + Spaces: WOOD GRAIN

Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel like this week has draggggged on? I'm pretty thrilled that it is the end of the week! Today's roundup was inspired by an ongoing conversation that I've been having with Ian and some of my friends. I think it is comical that we live in an age where technology is so advanced and yet people still crave simplicity. Take a look at today's niche markets? Most are hand-made, traits and skills we learned from our parents or grandparents generations. Making axes, working with letterpress, we should be passed wanting these things by now and yet we cherish them, seek them out, want to hold on to what once was. I read in an architecture magazine last month that "wood items are on the rise"... People are craving trees to make their houses and furniture. It blows my mind how something like lumber can be coveted and seen as "trendy". So, in honor of wood being the "it" material let's look at some real (and not so real) wood grain patterned prints and spaces!

prints + patterns + spaces: woodgrain by bedsidesign

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight ]

I can't lie, I am loving all of these things. From the monogrammed Jones [how fitting?] wood grain towels to a snazzy pair of sunglasses wood patterns are here to stay. I plan on continuing the conversation about longing for simplicity and valuing hand-made products. Do you relate with this? On a sidenote, I have to share with you one of Ian's awesome finds: Those Who Make. They produce videos all about artisan, hand-made trades and skills. The videos are extremely interest and look - they have a wood Pinterest board!