Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Handwritten

In this digital age something as simple as anything "handwritten" can be artsy. I'm okay with that. I love that everyone has their own flair and handwriting style. Do you prefer typing or handwriting notes? Does anyone still keep a journal? I'd love to hear your thoughts.a collection of handwritten items

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 I think handwritten notes are romantic. I think the unique and personal touch of something that you write adds to the romance of things. Speaking of romance, I have to say I am thrilled to say that #1 & 3 are from an entire Etsy site based off of Jane Austen-inspired items. They even have hand screen-printed t-shirts that say "I am Mr. Darcy" how awesome is that?

I'm also thrilled to announce that I was named the "Blogger of the Month" for the month of November on Sworley Thoughts. Pretty exciting! OH, and I'm going this afternoon to get a very special tattoo...stay tuned for pictures! What are your plans this weekend?