pretty events inspire design

Last night my blog went a little haywire. After trying to figure out if it was going to be up and running for more than 30 minutes I decided to call it a night. Anyone else having issues with Bluehost? I thought I was going to to leave the blog silent until Monday but I missed you all. When I can't blog I often turn to pinterest...oh how I love thee. One of my pin-obsessions [if you haven't noticed] is curating pretty events from wedding blogs.

No, bedsidesign doesn't focus all that much on weddings, parties and events but these celebrations can be so thoughtful when it comes to design. Oh, and let's not forget how swoon-worthy they are. These pretty little things can inspire color palettes, font ideas, even decor trends. I'm a believer that you don't have to be planning a wedding to appreciate them!

pretty wedding events inspire design

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Happy weekend friends! xo