Postmark Society: UPDATES!

If you're signed up for the Postmark Society get ready for some exciting news! Kory and I will be taking the Postmark Society to a new level! After hearing all of your lovely feedback from the survey we held a few weeks back we decided that we need to change things up a bit. 1. We will be launching a website (hopefully by the end of the year!) to act as a point of reference to sign up, get tips on letter prompts, and as a way to highlight all the awesome letters coming in and out of our mailboxes!

2. PS is now SOCIAL! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram! We're planning on featuring more tips, letter inspiration, and you can tag / ask us any questions!

3. We will be switching up the structure for pen pals. Everyone that signs up from now until December 1st will be put in the new mix of pen pal peeps + from that point on every 6 months we will switch up pen pals and offer new matches! We want to cultivate a community of mail-loving bloggers and the only way to do so is to connect with other mail-loving bloggers! Don't worry - if you heart your initial pen pal you can continue to send them lovely letters - you won't get in trouble - we promise!


Here's the moodboard that's inspiring our new website!

Do you have questions, comments, concerns? Shoot us an email and postmarksociety [at] gmail [dot] com

If you're not signed up yet ask yourself these three questions:

1. Are you a blogger?

2. Do you love receiving mail?

3. Do you want a pen pal?

If you answered yes to all three questions sign up today!