Postmark Society Launch

I'm beyond thrilled that the Postmark Society is officially launching today! I teamed up with Kory Woodard and Kate from Striped Cat Studio to create a pen pal group for bloggers by well, us bloggers. We announced it way back when in April and the response was overwhelmingly exciting! Bloggers from all over the world - with all sizes of blogs - from startups to huge followings joined our group. For this being the first registration I am extremely excited. postmark-society

Let's get down to business:

If you signed up before yesterday you will be receiving an email today with your pen pal match-up from either myself, Kate, or Kory. We'll send you a super cute button that you can feature on your sidebar [only if you want to - but we sure hope you will!] along with your new pen pal's address. We're leaving the letter exchange up to you. You and your new BFF get to decide when, how, and who will send the first letter. Make sure to instagram those babies when you receive them and tag #postmarksoc

We are keeping the registration for Postmark Society open. YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! If you're all sad that you didn't get a chance to sign up don't you worry your little blogger heart. If you love sending and receiving thoughtful notes, making new friends, and growing your personal blog community, then P.S. is perfect for you. We’re here to connect you to your next best friend (or maybe even contributor). We will accept new bloggers for the next three months and will match all new participants up! We'll announce the end date for the second wave of registration but don't delay. Sign up by entering your address into our Postable address book. If you live outside of the U.S. please feel free to sign up for the Postmark Society. We will do our best to match you up with another international blogger.

*Postmark Society is sponsored by Postable