My answers to some questions

Last week I hosted a survey to see what some of you thought about some key topics I had in mind. I had some expectations of what I thought my readers would say but I honestly was pleasantly surprised. I did not think that after a month of focusing on getting a bit more personal one of the biggest responses was to bring more personal posts into the mix. What?! Ya'll aren't sick of me yet? Remember my being y-o-u post? I split the post up into three specific parts. I only asked questions, today I'm going to fill you in on my answers.


[photo by Luis Santos]

Part One: What are the things that you are afraid of branching out into?

I was terrified to start up bedsidesign. I had no idea who would be interested, if I could be consistent and if I would even want to read my blog. I waited around for months before doing anything about it because I was too scared to fail. As I'm pondering a new launch [it's too soon to tell - but I promise I'll keep you posted] I find myself in the same place. I have to keep reminding myself that I have to step out there.

Part Two: What do you feel like you have to be? What idealistic images are you tying yourself to? Where did you come up with them and who but yourself is holding you to them?

As a "blogger" I struggle with looking like I have my act together 24/7. There are dishes in the sink, I need to call a friend back, and maybe get a conversation with Ian in between his crazy work schedule. Naturally I am pulled in various directions. I try to compare myself to the "greats" in the blogging world and find myself putting them on a pedestal  When I find myself getting really nervous/upset/stressed/fill in the blank, I have to stop and take a step back. I remind myself, "Remember there’s only one Y-O-U in this great big world so don’t try to be anyone else."

Part Three: What are you putting ahead of yourself?

I'm finally investing in myself. I'll be honest though - it wasn't easy. Should I really spend that $15 on a class? Should I really take 2 hours to network with that person locally? The answer is maybe - not always yes but it can't always be no.

In all seriousness it moved me to read over the responses. I never thought I would have such an engaged and thoughtful following and it really means a ton. I'm looking forward to the month of June and what I'll do to focus on my goal: Get Legit!