design residency: modern moroccan decor

Are you a fan of the modern moroccan decor? It's popping up all over with handmade, artisan items and natural products. It's a great way to add some heat while creating a unique and personal look to a neutral space. The inspiration: I'm a huge fan of this print, Cactus by Laura Wolf. From the shadows, shades, and overall fuzzy look - it softens a usual prickly plant and makes it inviting.

This cactus print inspired modern moroccan decor.

The translation: Inspired by the earthy vibe, I sourced some Moroccan inspired items. Mixing patterns and prints with natural materials creates a global look.

Modern moroccan decor inspired by desert and handmade items

1. WEST ELM: decorative bowl wall art - large circles 2. WEST ELM: heath sofa  3. BABA SOUK: striped moroccan pillow 4. BABA SOUK: striped moroccan pillow  5. URBAN OUTFITTERS: bali nightstand 6.  BABA SOUK: tajine basket 7. LEIF: copper patina planter

I love the earthy color tones, the warmth in the pillows and that copper planter - swoon!

This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio + java AFICIONADO. Check out their Design Residency posts and follow along with our pinterest!