Minimal Type: 1

TGIF peeps. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I'll be debuting a new monthly series [it mixes two of my favorite things: designers + their interiors...omgah!] so make sure to check back! In the meantime, let's get some learnin' in about something near and dear to me...typography. Want a crash course on the difference between a serif and sans serif? Sugar & Type breaks it down so you'll never have to worry what's what again! I personally lean sans because I prefer more of a minimalistic look. Which brings us to a series within a series [whoa this is quickly sounding like Inception] all about minimal type. Disclaimer: the following is completely based on my personal preference.

san serif

[Photo Cred: bedsidesign | lyrics: "As Much As I Ever Could" City & Colour]

Oh Edmondsans - look at you at simple and sweet. You come in three different weights: regular, medium, and bold. You would look lovely used for the content of a blog's body. You work well in this pretty little mockup too. Maybe one of the bedsidesigners will want to download you.

a series about typefaces for design enthusiasts

What do you think of Edmondsans? What would you like to see in this series about typography? Let us know!