design residency: manhattan minimalism

Are you ready for another minimalism focused room? If I had to pick my favorite theme for this series it would definitely be minimalism. Inspiration: I love the clean look of LinePoster's Original NYC print. I've been a fan of their work for a while and I continually find myself coming back to this print time and time again!


Translation: Are you ready to have your world rocked? You can now shop ONLINE for H&M! What does that mean? We now have access to their awesome home line! I immediately pinned a bunch of their items during their launch and realized that this room kinda made itself! We all know I'm a sucker for black and white. Throw some Manhattan themed minimalism into the mix and you have my attention. Slap on a low price and I'm sold.

black and white minimalism brought to you by H&M

1. H&M: duvet cover set 2.H&M: metal box 3. H&M: candle 4. H&M: curtain 5. H&M: bouclé blanket

Are you thrilled about H&M online? What budget item is your favorite?

This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio + java AFICIONADO. Check out their Design Residency posts and follow along with our pinterest!