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Did you ever interact with someone online and wish that you could be BFFs with them in real life? My path crossed with Erin a couple of years ago and I immediately knew she was special. When she left her job [the one that brought us to correspond all the time] she reached out to me and we exchanged our personal emails. Thankfully we stayed in touch - checking in on each other's lives. When she told me she was branching out in a creative direction with one of her fashionable friends I was beyond excited. Today I am thrilled to feature the new high rolla of the month - boutonné! boutonne

What is boutonné + the mission behind it?

boutonné is a design haus born out of a shared desire between two creatives to be consistently creating beautiful things. With each + every project we touch, that goal comes to life in numerous ways... Whether we're designing a logo + website for a new business, planning a party down to each + every tiny detail, or shipping you a custom designed poster for your home, we strive to make sure every detail is carefully thought through + beautifully executed. At the core of who we are is one word that we use as the foundation for every single thing we do: love. We are entirely obsessed with love.  Showing love to people and encouraging people to love each other better. This is something we passionately chase after each day we are blessed with life.  We often tell people that we wear many hats here at boutonné , so if there's something you need help with, we would love to hear the details + work together to create something stunning.

What services do you offer?

There are a ton of things we love to do, + love to offer to our clients! We offer design, both on the print side (branding, invitations, posters, logos) + on the interactive side (web design + development). You can also hire us for styling (photoshoots, personal styling, interiors). We love social planning + design (parties, weddings, intimate gatherings, grand openings, corporate events). Beyond those main categories, we regularly find ourselves doing lots of specialty projects at the request of our sweet customers! Photography, floral design, large scale installations, window/display design, furniture building... We love being able to tell our clients "yes!" we can help you not only dream up something stunning, but help you create it from start to finish.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We regularly joke about how often one of us will trail off mid-sentence + leave someone hanging because something beautiful or interesting catches our attention. For us, we find that creative inspiration comes daily even in the smallest of things. Someone we pass on the street, old buildings, photography, stories told by friends or strangers, a beautiful open beach on a bright + clear day (the sun!), wide open spaces, but mostly in the perfect song that we have to repeat once it ends because it struck us in such a way. We believe that music is the best inspiration + therapy there is, so it is rare to not have music playing (did we say playing? we meant blasting!) around here. It's likely our number one escape into this imaginary world that we get to create in our own minds with each new track. Happy, sad, creative, introspective, stirring ... you get to pick! 


Erin - what is on your bedside table? 

My favorite pitcher stuffed with fresh greens atop a small collection of inspirational books.

Hannah - what is on your bedside table?

A beautiful book stocked full of stunning photographs that document the life of Alexander McQueen. On top of that are some Billy Balls (they're just so happy) tucked in a vintage apothecary jar + an old letterpress H that I found while we were hunting for treasures at a local store here in San Diego called Architectural Salvage.

Erin describe yourself in 5 words. 


Believer. Lover. Dreamer. Driven. Craftsman. 


Hannah describe yourself in 5 words.

Tall. Creative. Soundtracker. Optimistic. Detailed. (And because I imagine she'll be too humble, if I could pick Erin's for her, they'd be:  Revolutionary. Lover. Brave. Stunning. Dreamer.)

What is your favorite fashion post?

We decided over the summer of 2012 to start a project of documenting our outfits several times a week through our blog + social media. It's been so fun over on Instagram, particularly to interact with people we normally wouldn't get the chance to about how to pull something new + unique from the wardrobe you already own. We certainly believe that there are lots of stunning outfits hiding in your closet, + we love getting to help inspire people to find new ways to wear their clothes.

It's hard to pick a favorite day because we all know your mood each day can totally change what type of clothes you want to wear, but we'll give it a shot!


Erin: I hate this part! It feels not so humble ... but I will give it a shot. The thing that I do love about looking at our dailies is that I can say "oh yea, that was the day that (insert memory of that day) ..." I often remember important dates or events in my life by what I was wearing that day. Weird, I know. I loved this outfit because let's be real, I'm obsessed with shorts + heels (all.summer.long.). I'm 5'1" so I need all the help I can get! I remember being in a great mood that day.

Hannah: I loved this day because of the way this outfit made me feel. Even at 6 feet tall, I love wearing big, chunky wedges + these are my favorite pair to wear. Paired with skinny jeans, big curls, + a red lip, I felt like a million dollars. What you wear can say so much about your creative nature + who you are, so why not use that platform to represent yourself well?

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