i | c | jones

I'm a creative person. I'm married to a creative person. There's a lot of ideas floating around in the Jones home. I shy away from bragging on myself, but Ian? Well I can brag about this guy all day. Even though I'm the face of bedsidesign he is still completely involved. When it comes to organization, inspiration, technology and IT help he's my go-to dude. When I'm editing photos he offers an honest critique. We encourage each other to continue to push ourselves to create. Sometimes I need the extra push to get to work, and other times he needs help focusing in. As a way to share a little more about Ian, and a little more about what I'm up to I'm debuting: i | c | jones - a series to highlight the work that we both do individually. Our hope is that our individual pursuits eventually collide into one. We invite you to participate in our journey.

i: "Death will tremble to take us" - Charles Bukowski.

Tremble from Ian Jones on Vimeo.

c: If you follow my instagram feed you'll know that I've been practicing my various hand calligraphy styles. This was the first debut of my "lynn" style - a modern calligraphy version of my handwriting. If you're a Brand New fan you may be familiar with the lyrics.


What creative projects are you working on?