Instagram Week 4: Rise Filter

This week totally flew by! I put in a little overtime at the day job and I could totally feel the effect on the daily chores around the apartment. This week I captured my instagram pictures using the rise filter. This one was similar to the valencia filter so next week I'm going to go for a different look. instagram week 4 using the rise filter

Why is it so hard for me to pick where to hang pictures in our place? I guess I'm afraid of contaminating the white walls. Either way we did get some pictures up. It wouldn't be summer without getting ice cream and Carol's Polar Parlor is one of our favorite places to go and their pineapple milkshake is AMAZING! Speaking of things to drink, there's nothing like drinking a PBR on a hot summer's day - I indulged myself. My husband is perfecting yet another talent as a barista with our new espresso machine [how the heck did we pay our bills for June?! We got so many goodies - bye bye savings! Just kidding, but not really] and here are our colorful espresso mugs from Target. I also finally spent some of my Pottery Barn gift card from Christmas! I bought a set of ombre tumblers and those clear candle holders. Side story - the tumblers were stuck together and I had to return the first set because NO ONE could get them apart. I gave the ladies at PB a good work out! Yesterday I "attended" my first Blog Brunch and it was awesome! If you are a blogger I highly suggest checking it out and saying hi. Although I do miss having a balcony/porch the courtyard in our complex is gorgeous. The one downfall to our new place is the shower sucks. Last night we picked out a new one and *fingers crossed* let's hope it is an improvement!

What instagram filter should I pick for next week?