Inspiring Surroundings

Way back when I was about to launch bedsidesign I jotted down - inspiration is everywhere. I truly believed that if I opened my eyes up and became aware of that concept I would never be lacking inspiration. That was before I became pin-obsessed and saw inspirational blog posts on the daily. Somewhere along the way I got caught up in recycled inspiration. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Pinterest [as most of you know I'm a huge fan]. I just lost sight to a very crucial aspect of my creative process. I need to find those inspiring surroundings. A few weeks ago Ian and I went on a date to Beer Belly Deli in Wescott. This is one of Ian's fave spots in Syracuse - and with my diet restrictions I've figured out a few things that I can eat too! We were thrilled with the weather and chose to sit outside. As we were talking I looked over and saw this wall...and immediately captured it on Instagram.

syracuse inspiration

I was so inspired by the gritty-ness. The color palette made my heart swoon and the greenery growing in and out of the wall amazed me. I started unplugging and started looking once again for those unexpected pockets of inspiration.

What thrilled me is the connection this spurred with others. Melanie of the Inward Facing Girl just featured my initial Instragram post in her first post in her new series InstaAwesome.

Get out there and keep an eye out for the unexpected - you might just be inspired by what you find.