IN LOVE: Spring Things!

The IN LOVE series was the start was not only my first guest blogging experience but it was also the collaboration series ever for bedsidesign. I'm so thrilled Erin from artsocial and I were able to create this series and keep the momentum going [we started all the way back in September!]. I've learned so much working together and had such a blast really discovering things that I am "in love" with. I believe this series influenced the self-reflection and pushed me to find out what is truly me. This week will be the last installment of IN LOVE for bedsidesign. I think the series is coming to a close on a really high point. As bedsidesign grew, and morphed this series has inspired me to create more space to further my journey - and to begin each week with original content with more of a personal spin!

Since it's the segment I thought it would be fitting to end with my favorite [affordable!] fashion spring things - that are truly Christie Jones approved.


1.Retro Round Metal Sunglasses 2. e.l.f. studio lipstain 3.TOMS Champagne Metallic Linen Classics 4.Round Stud Post Earring - Yellow 5. Bueno Perforated Mini Bag 6. Stretch Ponytail Holder 7. Merona Women's Favorite Lawn Shirt

What are your favorite fashion items for spring?

Guess what?! This is a collaborative series with artsocial check out her IN LOVE post + follow our IN LOVE Pinterest.