Now that it's December, Ian and I are gearing up to celebrate our two year anniversary! Guys, I can't even begin to tell you how crazy I think that is. Two years married? Time really does fly. I'll let you in on a little secret...we did not do the typical engagement photoshoot. We honestly weren't engaged very long [a whopping six months]. We were in a long distance relationship which made the whole engagement filled with planning and not too much extra time for things like an engagement party, photos, etc. We figured we would just have a ton of photos taken on our wedding day and that would be great. Well we got married December 19th in Syracuse. For those of you who have never been to Syracuse that year we were put on the map for having one of the snowiest winters in the US. So what does that have to do with photos? Well this genius, yeah I'm pointing at myself, picked out a strapless dress. Friends, strapless and winter are risky. Strapless and blizzard? That's a completely different story. Needless to say we did not take pictures outside.

I'll tell you more about our wedding story in a few weeks but we also had a reception in April the following year on Long Island for those who couldn't attend our snowy celebration. Guess what? It rained that day too. I guess the universe did not want us to take pictures outside. We now have double [yet gorgeous] wedding photos of us, but we look like we don't stray outside. The bubble couple.

That's why this year as a way to celebrate our anniversary we are going to do an anniversary wedding photoshoot! I can't wait. Pinning like a crazy person, these are the pictures that I'm using as inspiration for our anniversary photoshoot.

in love photo shoot ideas

[heart image by Jen Serafini]

one: Hello super classy couple. Since we got married the week of Christmas I'd love to incorporate some vintage Christmas lights.

two: We both LOVE Moonrise Kingdom and I think it would be great to replicate an awkward pose like this. Would you ever recreate a favorite movie photo?

three: Ink - I really would like a few photos displaying our tattoos. I love the way this shoot incorporates the rings.

four: This image screams Pride & Prejudice to me. It's hauntingly romantic.

five: Okay, so I don't know if this is possible - but this is a Peter Pan photo. Check out those shadows!

six: Up close and personal. I love this. Perfect to frame for your bedroom.

What photos would you try to take if you were to go on a photoshoot?

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