IN LOVE: JenniPenni

Friends, I have to be honest about something...I'm EXTREMELY picky when it comes to real photography featured in people's homes...especially mind. Painting, graphically altered images, letterpress - I'm all over that. I'd plaster my walls with that - but someone's photography? Nah, I'll pass. That's been my stance until I discovered JenniPenni. Holy smokes, this stuff is gorgeous! And so, I begin my love letter [hopefully it won't get too creepy] to JenniPenni. in love jenni penni photography ‎

one: "My heart is yours" - yeah you said that right! I'm captivated by the vivid colors. That coat is just darling. Plus, I have a thing for hearts - maybe that's because Valentine's Day is on the way...

two: As someone who lives in a snowy city I usually cringe when I see a snowy picture. Not this time JenniPenni! You actually made me a fan of snow when I look at this.

three: I'm seeing orange. Gingham, tangerine lipstick, and citrus? Goodness gracious this is brilliant.

four: I'd LOVE to live in a colorful neighborhood like this! Anyone else feel the same way?

five: It's raining hearts. If that's the case I'd want it to rain every day!

six: I'm craving springtime and since I have to wait I'd love to feature this stylized shoot in my apartment.

seven: I'm immediately thinking of Alice in Wonderland or the Hunger Games wardrobe.

eight: I can stare at your "I walk the line" photograph all day. You mixed two of my favorite things - black/white photography and stripes.

If you are just as enthralled as I am check out her flickr page too.

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