When Erin and I decided to team up and create the IN LOVE series I knew we struck gold. I've learned a bunch from my first real collaboration and Erin made it extremely easy since she is awesome. This is the last week that Erin is featuring her IN LOVE picks. But don't worry... We are going to continue the series! I'll just be back here on Mondays sharing what I am IN LOVE with you and she will be back at her blog. Don't forget to check out my last week at artsocial, let's just say my soiree is pretty draperlicious!

Hi, bedsidesigners! I can't believe this is my last guest post for the IN LOVE series... sad face. Come visit me on artsocial, k? I miss you already.

Well this week, we're gettin' into the Halloween spirit. I love Halloween... the treats, the scary movie-athons on tv, the opportunity to be someone else for one night (like an ab ex artist). It's so fun. BUT Halloween decorations, treats, and costumes can get a little, oh what's the word? Cheap. Kitschy. Over-the-top. Craptastic. Oh the acrylic! The horribly-made costumes! My recipe for a guaranteed classy Halloween: black and white.

in love: halloween

1. Dress up your cupcakes with some black and white spider wrappers... mmm festively delicious.

2. If you ask me, this simple black mask is way sexier than all of that stuff in the Halloween stores... (find a similar style here).

3. and 4. Black decorations instantly say Halloween this time of year... add some black balloons and a black party banner to the room = instant spooksville, population: you and your party guests. Chief exports: class and spook-tastic fun. Ok, I'll stop... (find a similar black pennant party banner here).

5. Excuse me, your cocktail is smoking. It's supposed to be! With a little dry ice for a spooky touch, the La Llorona Cocktail is Halloween soiree-ready.

6. Omigosh, I've been so stuck in my carving ways that it never occurred to me I could paint my pumpkins. This is a game-changer for me...

7. Just like with art and design, I think sometimes the most successful holiday party treats are the simple ones. No need for all the bells and whistles... these sugar cookies are a classic favorite with a Halloween twist (and mucho classo).

Stay classy, San Diego. Oh I mean, stay classy this Halloween, guys... and have FUN!

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