IN LOVE: Gifts for the Eclectic

Do you have anyone on your gift-giving list that you just don't know where to begin? When I find myself in that place I tend to go the eclectic route. Nine times out of ten I love an off-beat, or odd gift. They make you think, can be great conversation starters and remind you of the person. You are never going to forget who gave you that dinosaur air planter. the gift guide for those eclectic people in your life

one: Bears - I'm always drawn to bears since Ian is obsessed with them [he reacts to bears the same way that I react to otters]. This print from Howkapow is hand-pulled silkscreen, signed, dated and titled in an edition of 40.

two: Dinosaurs - I would LOVE this. There's something so great about mixing something nostalgic like a plastic toy dino and repurposing it to hold a quirky air plant. P.S. They come in all sizes & species.

three: Did you guys get my joke? These urchin ornaments are sure to make your spirits bright.

four: Hand-painted bike bells from Poketo. Do I need to say more?

five: Secret message lanters from Baba Souk are available in both English and French: English secret message: “U light me up” French secret message: “Tu m’allumes”

six: Llama cards from my buddy + sponsor, Sugar and Type - these cards are printed on an Adana 8x5 printing press with hand mixed inks.

seven: Squirrel: Introducing the coolest tape dispenser ever.

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