IN LOVE: Gallivanting Girls

It's hard to believe today is the last Monday of January! To beat the winter blues I've spent a lot of free time working on our apartment. Don't worry - an undated [and hopefully this time fill] apartment tour will coming soon. I plan on debuting our sexy bedroom as well since I FINALLY found a duvet cover this weekend. I'll give you a hint - it's white and gray and feels heavenly. Last week I wrote a guest post for Striped Cat Studio called "Spelling out Your Style" and I'm thrilled that it was featured in Daily Buzz's Style page! Between rearranging our place and searching for some stylish and unique home decor I happily came across Gallivanting Girls. I wish I could spend a day gallivanting with these amazing girls because their style has to be killer! I'm all about making your home personal and unique. I want my friends to walk into our apartment and say, "oh those magnets are so that canister...I never would have though of that!" etc. etc. Gallivanting Girls fits the eclectic part.

thrifted mid century modern eclectic

one: Cook in style with these retro Norwegian pots. Pearls + heels + apron optional, although strongly suggested.

two: Never second guess yourself on whether that canister is flour - spell it out!

three: I don't even know where to start - ohmygah these necklaces are amazing.

four: I'm a fan of industrial looking kitchens and I think these magnets would be the perfect touch.

five: The perfect coffee table book for a minimalist + art lover.

six: A gold swordfish magnet? What's not to love about it?

What do you think of the Gallivanting Girls? Are you as in love as I am?

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