IN LOVE: 2013 Mission

Yay for the first IN LOVE post of 2013! I'm not going to lie - I missed starting my Monday's off with this kind of inspiration. I'm so happy that artsocial and I are continuing this series this year. Today I'm sharing some snippets of my 2013 mission. Let's dive in shall we? in love 2013 minimalistic

one: Every mission should start out with cute accessories. I've had my eye on these color blocked clips for quite some time now. Regardless of what I do with my hair in 2013 I'm making it a point to accessorize! Plus they fit with my color scheme - no surprise here - it's black and white.

two: I'm a big fan of jewelry and when I saw these Of Matter triangular studs I fell in love. 2013 is the year of simplistic/classic jewelry for this gal.

three: I'm dubbing 2013 the year where I amp up on my creative outlets. I'm a huge fan of painting and I'm planning on building up the art collection in our apartment with Christie Jones originals. Don't worry - I'll take pictures of them!

four: Organization is my goal - I create more when I'm in an organized space. My office, bedroom, kitchen, closets - you name it, I'm going to attack each room. The excuse that we just moved in doesn't really work anymore [we've been here for 7 months] and it's time to get things in tip-top shape. I'm drooling over this minimalistic desk organizer.

five: I'm not excited about this but in 2013 I need to get my sleep schedule situated, I'm a perpetual snoozer. I am NOT a morning person and I hate getting outta bed. I'm thinking this sleek iPhone alarm clock dock would help me bust a move...but it doesn't fit the iPhone 5...back to the drawing board.

six: How I love writing in new journals. This year I want to finish my children's book [yes, I've been writing a children's book!] and get into the habit of writing every single day. Even on my "off-blogging days".

seven: Oh to have less and do more. This is one of my goals. I'm trying to be content with less. Utilize what I have and anything "new" that I purchase I want it to be intentional. Plus keep with the black and white theme that I started on last year.

What are you working on for 2013?

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