It might be obvious but if it isn't I love Syracuse. Everywhere I look I find more and more beauty. My husband and I spent an afternoon strolling about a few weeks ago and he took pictures along the way. Here are some of my favorites: this is a picture of armory square xl projects in syracuse ny.

I love this building for some reason. Oddly enough I found open apartments listed here on craigslist that night. Oh to live in Armory Square.

this is a picture of the heart of syracuse a building in downtown syracuse.

I just about screamed when I noticed "THE HEART OF SYRACUSE" up on the top of this building. I was giddy the whole time Ian took this shot. Sometimes you just have to look above the ugly "Parking Pay Station" sign to notice something special.

this is a picture of roji tea lounge in syracuse, ny.

One of my favorite places to go for evening conversation and to relax is Roji Tea Lounge. They are open until 1 am and have some of the best bubble tea around.

My friends and family were visiting this past weekend and now a couple are considering moving here. Syracuse is one of the greatest places to start our after college or if you are single or recently married. The low-cost of living mixed with city-life and the artistic touches really make it a great place to live!

P.S. If you are the person/people considering moving here please, oh pretty please do it!