hunter / gatherer: take 2

Part of my blogging happiness project is to step things up. I'm in a month focused on hunting for great resources and gathering content for my upcoming company launch [date still TBD!]. Last week some of you offer tips and advice for starting out a business - thank you! This week I'm scanning through the information that I've gathered and piecing together the next few months leading up to my launch. Can you tell I'm a planner? hunter-gatherer-calligraphy

In all of this I'm seeing how others took their big leaps. One thing for sure is I'm carving out the Christie Jones way. Erin touched on this last week in a brilliant post. I'm all for research and data but I'm sure as heck going to develop my own ideas and launch in my own way. It's exciting seeing some really big things lining up and I can't wait to trickle out information over time!