How to pimp out your signature in 5 easy steps!

The email signature is an overlooked area but if you're like me you are emailing constantly. Wouldn't it be great for your emails to act as yet another look into your brand? I recently updated my signature to include links to my blog, twitter, pinterest, facebook, and instagram. I continued emailing all my blog pals and was pleasantly surprised when most of them asked me how I figured it out. Today I'm sharing my tricks for gmail users. an-easy-how-to-for-email-signatures

1. Go to settings.

2. Scroll all the way down to the Signature section.

3. Insert each item as a separate image. For example: my blog button is set to 200 x 200 px, and each social media icon is 50 x 64 px.

4. Next you will want to make each image functional. This makes each image a link so that when clicked on you are redirected to the site or profile. To do so select the first image so that it is highlighted. Click on the link and enter the url. Repeat for each image.

5. TEST it out. Make sure it works before you go email crazy!

That's it! If you pimp out your email signature using this tutorial make sure to contact me so I can see how fancy it is!

Questions? Let me know in the comments.