Hold on to the feeling.

You know the feeling you get when you make a drastic change to your appearance? Like for example, when you cut your hair into a new style - or you get a tattoo and keep forgetting that it’s there? That’s how I feel everytime I see my blog. I still stop for a second, then my brain processes - change. I loved seeing how Jen gathered all my inspiration and made it into something crisp, clear, and pretty. I feel like the redesign process really relates to my blogging experience. I started with an idea. An idea that got me pumped. I pooled together a bunch of inspiration and tried to run with it. It was rocky in the beginning. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I began fine tuning. Focusing on my strengths and less on trying to produce something that others were doing.

moodboard of ideas for the bedsidesign redeign [This is all I had when I started the redesign: Handsome Coffee | Lavanderia]

I knew from the start that I wanted to change up my color palette. I’m kinda obsessed with chalkboard and watercolor effects so I wanted to somehow bring in those textures. For some unknown reason I was drawn to yellow. Promise Tangeman uses yellow like a pro.  I also knew I wanted to bring in the “bedside” part of the name with a handdrawn table. Inspired by Handsome Coffee’s simplistic drawings, I asked Jen to create something like that and she totally nailed it - even down to the little chevron box that I actually have on my nightstand. [table on the sidebar].

The end result is way more me than I could have created myself. But do you know what? I almost didn't ask for help. I almost tried to design my blog myself [I am not a designer]. The biggest lesson that I learned in all of this is to ask for help. This simplistic idea COLLIDES with my pride. I want to do everything on my own. I want to be superwoman. I want to know everything. Guess what friends - I don't know everything. Once I finally stepped out of the box and asked for help [my commandment #3] I knew I did the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is removing yourself from the equation. Can any of you relate?

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