Hello Game Changer!

The month of risks continues! Starting my own happiness project was a huge risk. I'm awful with resolutions. I have a hard time keeping momentum if I get bored of something. I was afraid to blog about my blog happiness because what if I didn't follow through? I recently started receiving emails asking me how I started blogging. That alone makes me take a step back to remember that it was only a few months ago where I was emailing other bloggers asking them the very same questions! Something snapped at about month 6 of straight blogging for me. I got into the rhythm, and I liked it. I still didn't have everything sorted out but I knew blogging was becoming a passion. It didn't happen overnight. I remember thinking - am I going to keep this as an on-and-off hobby or really try this thing out. What if I fail?

I specifically put together a happiness project with a huge emphasis on my blog. I was intentional about narrowing in because I knew it would help me stick with it. Five months later here I am. I'm loving the things I learned and I'm excited about the months ahead. Which brings me to today..


[DIY paint-chip confetti in bedsidesign colors by yours truly!]

One thing that I realized a few weeks ago is bedsidesign is busy. Really busy. Some weeks have seen 7 days straight of blog posts. I feel like that may be a bit much for this here blog. And so, I'm trying to adjust things. Along with these tweaks I will be switching up the my future happiness project goals to tailor it to where I am at, and where I want to be. I'll announce those new goals next week.

I think the most important thing I learned this month is that it's okay to take a risk on yourself. I'm going to try to tailor this blog back to being more Christie Jones - which initially sounds a bit odd. But - as much as I LOVE collaborating and promoting others I think bedsidesign has a lot to offer. I'm trying to tap into the dreams that made me start blogging in the first place.


Do you have moments where you realize you need to switch things up? How do you decide the who/what/where/when/how?