foliophoto: small

Are you looking for a way to share your photography with the world? Do you need guidance on what to take pictures of? Are you searching for a supportive creative community to connect with? If you answered "YES!" to any [or all three] I would like to introduce you to foliophoto! Foliophoto was created by Sandra of the Raincoast Creative Salon + yours truly in early 2013 with the intention of bringing creative types together for a weekly photo assignment. Each week we create a new "prompt" to capture with any photo device. You don't have to have a fancy camera - but if you do you're more than welcome to join too! You don't have to be a blogger to participate. If you happen to be a blogger we have a linkup each week hosted here for you to share your blog post with the participating bloggers and their readers! If you're following along you can see that this project is for all. You don't have to be a pro - although we'll welcome those fancy photographers too.

prompt: small

subject: Who knew something as small as an Altoids case could carry the tools for one of my greatest passions. When I bought this particular Altoids box my only intention was to curb my occasional bad breath. That is all. After the miniature mints were depleted I was going to discard the little tin. That happened to be the first week I started my calligraphy course. My instructor mentioned keeping the calligraphy nibs in a small tin, and so this little tin regained a purpose.

I decided to display my small collection of calligraphy nibs in this particular photo as well. These little contraptions looked foreign to me when they were first purchased. Now they are guarded, loved, cleaned, prepared, and the tool to my new creative endeavor. As I pondered what to capture this week I was drawn to this small collection. I'm still surprised every time I use each tool how something so small can make such a great impact on my creativity.

P.S. The tin even says smalls.



Camera: iPhone5 | Filter: Camerabag - Warm Mono

Next week's prompt: Wrinkles

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