foliophoto: order

‎Every week that I work on my foliophoto project I begin to view the world through the lens of a specific word. As a prompt is selected each week I find myself stirring the creativity of finding a subject to fit this word, emotion, thought and concept. This week I was a little fried. Maybe it's the heat [NOT complaining] or maybe it's because I'm still adjusting to my new diet and health issues but Monday evening rolled around and I still was stumped. prompt: order

subject: As I paced around the apartment I noticed a splash of color. Ah yes, our DVD collection. This is just one shelf of our movies. Instead of alphabetizing the DVDs I color coordinate them. To me I find it the most visually appeasing option. My friends sometimes tease me saying how do I know where this movie or that one is? As a visual person I remember the color of the cases. Even if I happen to forget the color, I find it easier to search when things are set aside and organized in this particular order.


Camera: iPhone5 | Filter: F2 VSCO

Next week's prompt? Circle.

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